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Joe Basile
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Work Experience

Freelance Music Composer/Sound Designer - June 2009-Present

Composer/Field Audio Engineer - Horizon Productions - May 2017-May 2018

Staff Composer/Sound Designer - Centerline Digital - April 2015-April 2017
Intern/Assistant - Antfood Music & Sound Design - June 2009-January 2010


Teaching Experience

Private Instruction - 2009-Present

Adjunct Professor - Western Carolina University - Spring 2015

Graduate Assistant - Western Carolina University - Spring 2013 - Fall 2014

M.M. - Commercial & Electronic Music - Western Carolina University - 2014
B.M. - Commercial & Electronic Music - Western Carolina University - 2009


I'm Joe! Thanks for visiting my site. I'm a music composer and sound designer living in Philadelphia, PA and I do all things music and audio (custom music, jingles, sound design, mixing, location audio). 


I always take a detailed approach to every project, critically thinking about the sonic identity of every brand I work with. Since starting my career in 2009, I've worked on projects for brands like IBM, Comcast, Sophos, Nike, and The Carolina Theatre. I also love providing creative direction for audio driven projects - like this piece for IBM Systems Worldwide, or this project for IBM Storage.

In 2018 I started my own freelance audio business, lovingly named "The Chicken" - you can check out all of that work at -

In addition to composition and sound design, I'm very passionate about teaching others about music and audio. I have taught college courses and private lessons in music composition and production, guitar, and saxophone. I am always open to taking on private students at all skill levels. 

If you ever need assistance with audio on any project, or would like to inquire about private instruction, please don't hesitate to reach out. 

Thanks for stopping by!


Contact me -


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